Way go MOC Members!! We lost 115.6 LBS in the last 30 days!

Stay tuned for our next adventure!!


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Total participants who signed up – 28

Total who weighed in for finals – 16

Total pounds lost – 115.6

Total body fat lost – 28.3%

Male winner – Bryon

Female winner – Moe

MOC Paleo winners: Bryon and Moe
MOC Paleo winners: Bryon and Moe




Congrats Bryon and Moe, the two of you are amazing and a good example of dedication. Also, congrats to Rachael who lost 5% body fat ( where she had it we have no idea) and now has the best abs at Mt. Ogden CrossFit.

Thank you to Kevin and Jessie Lundell who shared their knowledge and helped with directing our athletes in the right direction with the Paleo Challenge.

We hope that those who participated in this challenge learned new and healthier ways of eating and will continue use this experience to better their lives.