For those who were not able to make the Nutritional Seminar September 3 here is the video. If you have any question feel free to email us at


More information regarding Paleo can be found here

We will be holding further Free Paleo Seminars each week. Please sign-up at the white board at Mt. Ogden CrossFit. Please email Molly Morin if you have any further questions regarding these seminars.

All seminar’s will be held at Mt. Ogden CrossFit

What to Eat, Paleo Edition By Molly (email:

Mt. Ogden CrossFit
Mt. Ogden CrossFit Paleo Seminar 1 by Molly

Tuesdays Sept 10 :  7:30 pm

Food samples, cooking demos and question and answer for eating well on paleo.
Recipe Hacks: Good alternatives to some starchy staples
Samples and demos for ways to replace mashed potatoes, noodles, and tortillas. Q&A on breading, sauces and other roadblocks.

Links to seminar 1 recipes:

Tuesday, Sept 17 :  7:30 pm
Grab & Go: Easy, make-ahead, complete meals you can eat with one hand
Samples and demos for everything fritattas, salad in a bag, and meat cookies. Troubleshooting for sandwiches, breakfasts and emergency snacks.

Tuesday, Sept 24 :  7:30 pm
Sit-Down Dinner: whole roast chicken with salsa verde and seasonal sides
How to prepare, truss and roast a delicious whole chicken, and dress with to-die-for french salsa verde. Q&A problem solving for any other favorites you may have.

Tuesday, October 1 :  7:30 pm
Paleo Treats!
Samples and ideas for once-in-a-while paleo treats like paleOatmeal, apple-coconut pudding and brownies. Q&A for things like whipped cream, granola and other sweet treats.


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