Welcome to Mt. Ogden CrossFit

We have moved to a new location!

We are located at

203 W. Oak Street, Ogden, UT 84401

just two blocks South of the Walmart on Wall Ave.  Our current class schedule includes morning, afternoon and evening classes. We offer a free foundations class to learn more about CrossFit Training. We have showers, changing rooms and a children’s area.

Call or email us today to get started!! We look forward to hearing from you!!



Not the same old workout! Not the same old results!

Who we are
Mt. Ogden CrossFit is a community of people with every shape, size, and background that have come together for one purpose – to have fun, feel good, and heighten their quality of life through CrossFit. When you stop by the gym you can expect a warm welcome from our coaches, staff, and community of members. You will see people working hard, sweating, and doing things you probably have never seen before, but trust us you will learn, and probably make lifelong friends in the process. At Mt. Ogden CrossFit all of our trainers are Level 1 Certified and have backgrounds that range from playing several years in the NFL, to a firefighter and MMA grappler, to a stay at home mom.  Our coaches at Mt. Ogden CrossFit cant wait to help you meet and exceed all your goals.
The M.O.C Philosophy
We are not the typical “gym” therefore cannot be compared to one. We offer so much more than a treadmill and group fitness classes; at MT. Ogden CrossFit we are the machines!  In our facility you will not find someone in front of a mirror doing “Curls For The Girls” or working on their beach muscles.  We prescribe total body, functional movements performed at high intensities, you will sweat, push, pull, climb, and do things you never thought were possible.The equipment that we have is designed for real life; we are not creating muscles just for looks we are developing them to improve your life. At Mt. Ogden CrossFit we cater to all types: high level athletes, weekend warriors, moms and dads who just want to keep up with the kids, and everything in between.
The M.O.C Promise
Most importantly we strive for results while having a blast doing it!!!!! We will hold you accountable and we expect you to hold us accountable. We are very goal oriented and will lead you through the transformation that you desire. CrossFit is not just a regular workout it is a lifestyle and we are here to help! Come by and try our FREE introductory workout and assessment, meet our coaches, staff, and community… I promise it will change your life…“Success doesn’t come to you, You go to it!”