About us

Welcome to Mt. Ogden CrossFit

203 W. Oak Street, Ogden, UT 84401 | 801-726-8025 | info@mocrossfit.com

Just two blocks south of Walmart, Mt. Ogden CrossFit is a community of people with every shape, size, and background that have come together to heighten their quality of life while having fun. Our current class schedule includes morning, afternoon and evening classes. We also offer a free foundations class to learn more about CrossFit Training, and a restorative yoga class on Thursday nights to help you recover after a long week. We have showers, changing rooms and a children’s area. Contact us today to get started!

Not the same old workout! Not the same old results!

Mt. Ogden Crossfit is not the typical gym; we offer so much more. You won’t find someone in front of a mirror doing “Curls for the Girls.” Nor will be bored doing the same old treadmill or elliptical routine. In fact, you won’t even find those machines, instead, we train you to be a machine. We prescribe total body, functional movements performed at high intensities. No matter if you are a weekend warrior, high-level athlete, or parents who want to keep up with the kids,CrossFit can improve your life and make an active lifestyle easier. But most importantly you will create results and have a blast doing it! You can’t say that about any old gym, can you?

Expect to work hard, sweat, and do things you never thought you could ever do. Expect to be held accountable from our coaches whose backgrounds range from stay-at-home-mom to ex-NFL player to MMA grappler. Expect a warm welcome and to make lifelong friends while you train together. Expect to meet and exceed all your goals.

Come by and try us out for free – we promise it will change your life.

We look forward to hearing from you.