Our Athletes


Rob Illum

Start date 1/11/15.

My favorite WOD is Murphy. I don’t have a WOD that don’t like.

My favorite lift is dead lift.

My least favorite lift is over head squat.

I go to MOC because the coaches are great, and push me to do work that I wouldn’t even dream of doing at say a Golds gym. Cross fit has benefited me in numerous ways weight loss, strength, confidence, and stress relief. I feel a little lost when I miss a scheduled day at the gym. I love my gym, and my fellow athletes!



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Jackie Coria

Start date- Jan 15 2016

Favorite WOD- murf cause I didn’t think I could do it and I did! felt accomplished after.

Least favorite WOD- anything with burpees in it or ohs.

Favorite movement- deadlift

Least favorite movement- ohs

Why I go to MOC- I love my peeps! Everyone is so encouraging and cheer u on to finish the WOD, we all go down together!

Crossfit benefits my life cause every day when I leave the gym I feel accomplished and feeling good!  It’s my stress reliever!




Megan Edwards

Start Date: Dec 2 2015

Favorite WOD: Helen

Least Favorite WOD: Karen

Favorite Movement: squat snatch

Least Favorite Movement: wall balls

Why do you come to MOC? I feel that I can push myself farther and I like the programming.

How does CF benefit my life? I get up and fight to be better every day…despite reasons and excuses, I can prove that I can do what I set out to do. Crossfit gets me here daily and is teaching my kids how important health is to me. 




Chad Searle 

Start Date: July 2014

Favorite WOD: Nancy

Least Favorite WOD: Diane

Favorite Movement: OHS

Least Favorite Movement: HSPU

Why do you come MOC: Living healthy is important to me. Most significant are the MOC coaches/people–like minded, encouraging, and competitive. Able to fit the workouts into a busy schedule. How does Crossfit benefit my life: Key to maintaining an active/healthy lifestyle.



Annie West 

Annie West

Favorite WOD:  I love The WODS that involve rounds not time, makes me feel so accomplished! and ones with TONS of variety…

Least Favorite:  Anything involving OHS or bar movements that i don’t feel strong enough to be able to push myself……i get frustrated. but then again, how do we become strong right? i know, i get it!!   🙂

Favorite Movement:  I love cleans……

Least Favorite Movement: OHS and wall balls!!!

Why do you come to MOC?  How does CF benefit my life?

I come to MOC because i feel like i found myself over the last year.Watching my body change drastically and paying attention to how my body feels when i feed it appropriately makes me feel like i have power in my own life. Going through a divorce last summer and having my crossfit family there every single day was what got me through. I didn’t hardly miss a day. i pushed through……it was a positive healthy distraction.
I love watching my progress, i love pushing myself  hard, i love feeling like im capable & can do hard things!! i love inspiring friends and family and teaching my kids healthy lifestyles. MOC rocks.  Its my home!
Thank you for providing such an amazing space where we
 can feel safe, loved and daily inspired to be our best selves!


Dan Hawaii and Girls

Dan Sears

Start Date:  August 2015

Favorite WOD:  Barbara (all about the basics)

Least Favorite WOD: Whatever it was that we did on Thanksgiving… Filthy 50?

Favorite Movement:  Double Unders

Least Favorite Movement: Wall Balls

Why do you come to MOC?  We have a great group that push each other to the limits, and have fun doing it.  Quite frankly, I am addicted.

How does CF benefit my life?  1.  Keeps me sane, having an outlet during the middle of the work day.  2.  Keeps me from feeling old and out of shape when I look in the mirror.  3.  I enjoy the social element of meeting up with those that understand (those that don’t CF just don’t get it!) 4. Where else am I going to get pictures of myself glistening with sweat to post on social media?!?!?




Natalie Lewis

Start Date: November 2014

Favorite WOD: All of them, when they’re over but if I had to pick I’d say Murph because it’s so fulfilling.

Least favorite: All of them!

Favorite movement. Burpees

Least favorite. Wall balls

Why do you come to MOC?

I go to MOC because of the GREAT people. It’s a family atmosphere and everybody is there to support one another and cheer each other on. It’s like having a personal trainer for you and all your friends and you don’t have to go alone.

How does CF benefit your life?

Crossfit has changed my life! It has made me stronger, not just physically but also mentally. The nutritional challenges have helped me a ton and educated me on choosing the right foods. I wish I would have found it a lot sooner.




Kyle Gray

Start Date: August 2015
Favorite WOD: 1RM Deadlift No Time Limit
Least favorite: Fran
Favorite movement: Overhead Squat
Least favorite: Thruster
Why do you come to MOC? I like being part of a cult.
How does CF benefit your life? Increased testosterone, decreased cortisol, decreased adipose tissue, decreased resting heart rate!




Theresa Wagenman

Date you started MOC: July 2015 after moving from Colorado

Favorite WOD: Filthy Fifty

Least favorite WOD: Fran

Favorite movement: box jumps

Least favorite movement: deadlifts and handstand pushups

Why do you come to MOC: They have a great coaching staff, the class times fit my schedule and I love surrounding myself with other like-minded people. It’s the highlight of my day!

How does CF benefit your life: It supplements all my other activities and helps me maintain my sanity.




Sistas Beatriz & Miranda

Date started: February 2013
Favorite WOD : Fran & Grace
Least favorite: Annie & Cindy
Favorite movement: Cleans & Deadlifts
Least favorite: Snatches & Overheads

Crossfit has changed our lives because we now love working out and look forward to the WOD’s.. We have made it part of our lifestyle and have learned a lot from all the bad ass coaches we have at the MOC  thank you all for pushing us passed our limits . We are a lot strong then we thought! #cantmisswithus


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Kristi Archuleta

Start Date: MOC Dec. 1, 2013

Favorite WOD: Any WOD with overhead squats, pretty much WOD’s that we are lifting weights of any kind!
Least favorite: wods where it is mostly cardio….

Favorite movement: Overhead Squats…..or anything with weights and the bar

Least favorite: jumping lunges

Why do you come to MOC? I come to MOC because I LOVE the community! I love the challenge of every WOD! I like to know that when I come in, there are going to be like minded people doing this, just because we can!

How has cf/improved or changed your life? CF has changed my life in more ways then you can imagine, first I am much healthier today then I ever have been in my life. EVER. It has given me much more positive body image then ever before. It has helped me to realize that we are not all size 0 models, some girls have muscles 🙂 I like feeling good about myself and the things that this body can do! My life is forever changed because of this!

some of the things that CF has taught me, 1- I can finish anything, if I just keep moving. 2- I am mu will do what I tell it to 🙂  4- I can, I will, I do, every week!
I started doing CrossFit 2 1/2 years ago because my friend from childhood hounded me for 6 months! He kept telling Steve and I that if we liked Insanity (the workout program we were doing at the time) we would absolutely love CF! So I tried a partner WOD on a Saturday and was hooked. Thanks Josh!!




Jake Gunderson

Start Date: 9/11/13

Favorite WOD: The longer ones with a lots of reps or ones I haven’t tried.

Least favorite: Karen

Favorite movement. Snatch or muscle up…can’t choose.

Least favorite. Wall balls

Why do you come to MOC?

The trainers and other members have helped me tremendously and never seem irritated or inconvenienced to give advice, it’s great to know there is always someone there to help if you need some tips. I believe every athlete there wants everyone else around them to be successful, as well as themselves; it gives a great sense of commardery. I feel privileged to be able to go to MOC.

How has cf/improved or changed your life?

Lol, If you were there for my first couple months, the change is evident. Outside of MOC though, it’s taught me patience with myself and to accept change doesn’t happen right away. At work I am more productive, I don’t feel the need to have a rest as much. I’m making better lifestyle choices for myself and my three daughters….rather than finding a restaurant or choosing shitty theater snacks we’re going out being active and eating clean–most of the time. I’m hope by choosing a healthier lifestyle is one way I can influence my children in making the better life choices later in life.




Doug, Rhonda and Camryn Ingram

Start Date: February 2014

Doug: Favorite WOD-Annie

Least Favorite-Open 15.5

Favorite Movement-Back Squats

Least Favorite-Overhead Squats

Why CF?-Because of the people and to help with his diabetes.

Rhonda: Favorite WOD-N/A

Least Favorite-Anything with running

Favorite Movement-Anything with weight other than overhead squats

Least Favorite-Overhead Squats

Why CF?-It was to support Doug and it turned into something we do as a family.

Camryn:Favorite WOD-WOD for April 1st

Least Favorite-Annie

Favorite Movement-Squat Cleans Least Favorite-Power Snatches

Why CF?-Because it helps her with getting stronger for sports.




Monica Kapp

Start Date: June 2013

Favorite WOD: Any WOD with Lifting Movements

Least Favorite WOD: WOD’s without Lifting Movements

Favorite Movement: I love most of the movements in Crossfit and snatches and thrusters are fun even though they can be challenging.

Least Favorite Movement: Uhm…Burpees!! DUH!!! But I’m getting more efficient at them and they’re not as bad.  I know that they help with every other movement in Crossfit.

Why do you come to MOC?:  There are SO many reasons why I go to MOC!  First, it’s an incredible workout with great coaches and awesome workout partners!  I love the culture of Crossfit and the fact that ANYONE can do Crossfit at the level they are capable of performing! My WOD buddy, Andrea, started Crossfit right about the same time as me, and she helps motivate me every day! I feel like I have met amazing lifelong friends at MOC and in the Crossfit community.  I have to say “Thank You” to MOC for supporting me last year as I was going through a very difficult and challenging time in my life.  MOC is the BEST!!

How has CF improved/changed your life?   Fortunately, I have been athletic my entire life.  As a serious former dancer and gymnast, Crossfit utilizes many of my skills, along with adding the weightlifting component, and feeds my need to have an EXTREME workout.  I believe that with proper technique, Crossfit is the safest form of exercise that can be done by former athletes and dancers whose bodies have been injured/aggravated by the impact of previous sports or dancing.  Additionally, the hour I spend at Crossfit each morning is the only time that I don’t have to think about anything other than pushing myself to perform better and increasing my strength and technique.  It’s a break from work, kids, and being a single mom.  It positively impacts the mind, body and soul and I hope to be doing it the rest of my life!!



Before CF

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.30.25 PM

Vet. CF


Jeremy A Hopkins

Start Date: May 1st 2013

Favorite WOD: Grace…Totally beats me down…But I LOVE it!! And anything to do with EMOM, complete 2 different sets of a weight lifting movement for 10 minutes.

Least Favorite WOD: Dustin Nelson’s 300 wall balls for time…couldn’t sit or walk right for a week!!!

Favorite Movement: Bear Complex…Every favorite movement all rolled into one!!

Least Favorite Movement: Pull ups…Grip strength SUCKS!!!

Why Do You Come To MOC?

I can truly say I enjoy coming to MOC because of the exceptional attitudes and personalities of all the coaches and fellow gym participants. I remember the first time my wife Maureen and I met both Ben and Tasha and we honestly felt welcomed and knew they wanted to help us change our lives for the better.  I am glad Gerald doesn’t take me too seriously when I expect the 1215 class to actually start at 1215. I recall the first time meeting Sale and 20 seconds before the WOD he ran around the whole gym and gave everybody a “High5”. I appreciate Dustin Nelson pushing me that little bit extra during a WOD (then being able to talk about it over a beer later).  When coached by either Dean or Rachael, I can tell they are committed to their profession because of the excellent way they relate the stretching to the WOD. As for Iz, it is mind-boggling how you can teach the core class, do the movements and talk all at the same time.  Of course nothing beats seeing Daniel Coats give a hand slap half hug combined with an always present big smile which really brings together what I believe MOC is all about. Also, I believe the new coaches hired by MOC recently; accurately resemble the continual growth they expect to see from all their members. Thank you all for helping me and my wife become healthier and live a better lifestyle.

How Has CF Improved/Changed Your Life?

I have to admit, I have to thank my wife for getting me into Cross Fit. We are both lucky to be next door neighbors to Dustin and Renee Nelson and that is how we came to find out about both Cross Fit and MOC.  Before my fist WOD, I weighed 263lbs and was completely out of shape. I remember helping my boy learn how to ride his bike and after running up and down the street 3-4 times, I was completely out of breath and needed to sit for a minute.  My knees hurt all the time and I struggled with putting on my shoes in the morning.  I knew if I was to continue on the current path of unhealthy eating and not exercising, I was in for a world of hurt in the future.

Cross Fit has changed my whole outlook on life. Just by putting in the effort the first few months, I started to immediately see a difference in my weight and mobility. I have to thank my wife for all the preparation and planning throughout all the meal challenges we have been a part of.  My wife and I are more active with the kids and have a better attitude towards a healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t have achieved my personal goals without the support of my wife and the push that MOC has given me.




Darin Booker

Date Started: November 2013

Favorite WOD: Whatever WOD I haven’t done yet.

Least favorite: Whatever WOD I’ve just done.

Favorite movement: Squat Cleans

Least favorite: Pistol squats… I’m pretty sure my gimpy ankle will never have enough mobility to make this possible from both sides. (I can’t do it with my good one either…)

Why do you come to MOC?
My first day at MOC was a workout with Ben at 630 when there wasn’t another soul here. I forget the exact hero WOD we were doing but it was alot of Oly. He did the workout with me at my pace and kept me going. I was pretty early in Crossfit at that point so my fitness levels were quite low (I know hard to believe with the fine specimen you see sweating profusely daily at the box!).  Despite that, I was able to move faster and longer during that workout than I had been capable of to that point. Its that kind of community that makes MOC the place I come to workout.

How has CF improved/changed your life?
Just look at me, I’m totally awesome now! Haha! In all seriousness Crossfit has been the stepping stone to a whole new lifestyle that has made me healthier and stronger, all while making it a habit that I enjoy doing everyday!




Carolee Biehn

Date Started:  Labor Day 2013. My first day was a hero WOD and I thought I was going to pass out!

Favorite WOD: Cindy

Least Favorite WOD: Karen! No one should have to do 150 wall balls at one time.

Favorite Movement: Power cleans. Probably also double unders but I have a love/hate relationship with them. I wish I was really good but I am not, so I just keep on trying.

Least Favorite Movement: Overhead squats and burpees.

I come to MOC because I love the environment. I may be one of the slowest and weakest but I never feel bad about that. Everyone is so encouraging and they make me feel good about my personal accomplishments.

For years I had been working out at either the gym or doing workout DVDs at home. It was hard to stay motivated and I would get so bored! I would dread my workouts and be so glad when they were over. Now that I have been doing Crossfit I can never go back. I love how everyday it is something new and I love that everyday I am challenged.

For the past 2 ½ years I have been dealing with some health issues that have caused me to put on 30 pounds. It has been really discouraging to work so hard but to still gain weight, but I am glad I did not give up. MOC helped me not give up because I was coming to a place that made me feel happy, it made me feel like I was accomplishing something and I knew I was getting stronger. Four months ago I found a great Dr. who has me on the right medications and I am no longer gaining weight. She told me had I not worked so hard my weight gain would have been at least 50-60 pounds!

Thank you MOC!






Start Date: May 2014
Favorite WOD: 12 days of Christmas
Least favorite: anything with snatches
Favorite movement: burpee
Least favorite: air squat
Why do you come to MOC? I love the atmosphere of MOC. It’s so positive. The coaches really care to help me achieve my goals and stay safe. I’m a lazy fitness person so to have the workout programmed and something that really pushes me has been awesome. I also love that I get to do it with my husband and each workout meets both of our different fitness levels.
How has CF improved/changed your life?  I’ve lost 20 lbs since starting crossfit, I can fit back into my skinny jeans!  I have more energy and my health  has really improved too.



Start Date: January 2014.

Favorite WOD Murph! (I love the big group and energy it brings)
Least favorite: Fran. I cough for weeks.
Favorite movement muscle ups.
Least thrusters.
I love MOC. I was hooked from my first day. The positive energy of the members and coaches made me want to show up every single day since…(sometimes twice).  Everyone has had a genuine interest in the progress of my family.
MOC changed my life… I came to MOC looking for a new challenge and an increase in overall fitness. I love the outdoors and have a physically demanding job. Soon after I began, my wife joined and it gave us a common interest and goal. The nutritional challenges we have done at MOC have completely changed our eating for the first time in 11 years of marriage.  Combined we have trimmed up 50+ lbs. After that it has been nothing but day to day progress. I feel so much better in my career and in every hobby I have.  The positive change has been contagious.  Our family and friends have joined us in improving their fitness and diets and many have also joined MOC. Ive noticed a mass movement amongst my co-workers towards crossfit and better eating habits. Meals at family gatherings and the fire station have become much healthier.  The workout programming has forced me to become stronger in areas I would normally never have worked on such as cardio, muscular endurance, ect. I love my new found legs and lungs. I see the benefit in every aspect of my life.  I appreciate the MOC atmosphere everyone has created and have had such drastic results in one year that I am forever grateful for the love and friendship we have gained as members.



Steve A.

Steven Archuleta

Start Date: Nov, 31, 2013
Favorite WOD: Murph
Least favorite WOD: filthy 50
Favorite movement: squat clean
Least favorite movement: Thrusters
Why do I come to you MOC: After a bad experience at a different establishment I decided to find a local CrossFitbox to try. And so Last weekmarks my one year anniversary at Mt Ogden CrossFit. I came to a Saturday morning workout and was blown away by the overwhelming welcome I received from everybody. After the workout that Saturday morning I was blown away once again by the quality of the athletes as well as the programming in just one Saturday worked out. Man I was beat up! It also made me realize how much ground remains for me to cover and I could accomplish that here. I loved the fact that I was establishing new PR’s on movements and that I was now performing in proper and correct form. But the main reason I love this place is my coaches and owners and fellow athletes are some of the most steadfast,friendly, encouraging, and sometimes crazy LOL (Ben) Family I have had the privilege to do this crazy sport with. I believe a good CrossFit box has everything to do with positive attitudes teamwork and kick ass programming. To me that draws good members who come and stay. MOC This isn’t your typical white board CrossFit box you check your ego at the door and you get your ass kicked the same as everybody else, I love it.
How has CrossFit improved my life: It has in every way possible improved my life. I have made a lot of close friends and become a part of a coast-to-coast community. I have had the opportunity to be out of town and have local boxes open their gym to me to get the workout done. I think that’s cool. I also think I’m a lot healthier than I was three years ago, before this crazy sport, I was in my late 30s but felt like I was an unhealthy 60-year-old. I don’t know that I ever understood what I really wanted out of CrossFit. I do however know that I always wanted to be comfortable with my health at the age of 40. And this sport has done that for me.



Jared Ortgiesen

Start Date: April 2014
Never forget Annie Power cleans Doubles/because I don’t have them so I always have to do 3:1
MOC has the best coaches, very friendly atmosphere and never felt intimidated. Everyone is always encouraging and wants you to be successful.. It has changed my life because I have lost 40lbs, I have muscles in places where I didn’t know muscles were supposed to be.. I look much better in uniform and feel more confident in doing my job!



Brett Toliver

Date started at MOC: the first day it opened
Favorite Wod:  I prefer the longer WODs
Least favorite: Fran
Favorite movement: Muscle Ups
Least favorite: Push ups
Why do you come to MOC? Keep my old ass in decent shape.
How has CF improved/changed your life? It provides couples therapy every Saturday.
If you could make any coach do 100 burpee’s who would it be? I would never make anyone do 100 burpees!




Sara “Ninja” Toliver

Date started at MOC: the first day it opened
Favorite Wod: Annie is a favorite. I also really like Chipper WODs. It’s nice to be able to cross it off the list and know I don’t have to do it again.
Least favorite: Fran – it scares me
Favorite movement: sit-ups, or most movements that don’t involve weights
Least favorite: Thrusters
Why do you come to MOC? You know you have to love a place to make it worth getting up at 4:30 in the morning! The coaches and morning crew are awesome and keep me completely motivated even though I know I’ll never be the fastest or strongest.
How has CF improved/changed your life? I’ve always been active, but after having twins, there didn’t seem to be much that would take that baby bulge away. CF totally changed that and has made me feel leaner and more importantly stronger. I love to run and was worried CF would hurt my endurance, but it’s made me so much stronger, faster, and willing to push myself harder.
If you could make any coach do 100 burpee’s who would it be? I would never wish 100 burpees on anyone.



Mt. Ogden CrossFit Athlete Spotlight Sean and Mikkol

Sean Richins

Started July of 2013
My favorite WOD would be anything with lots of Muscle Ups, Push Ups, or Pull Ups.
My least favorite is Annie.. DU’s and I don’t get along…
Favorite movement is a Muscle Up
Least Favorite is DU’s. I hate them right now!
I work out at MOC because of the great atmosphere. Everyone who works out at MOC are great people and great motivators. Also, the coaches are awesome and are thorough in teaching the movements for each WOD.
CF has improved my life by making me stronger both physically and mentally. I have learned how to push myself to the point of quitting, and then picking up the bar and going for more.
If I could make any coach do 100 burpees it would be Tasha.. Only because she still doesn’t spell my name correctly!

G- Sean has improved in CrossFit every day.  He has been one of the hardest workers and always pushes himself to the limit every workout.  It has been a pleasure to coach and train with Sean.


Mikkol Madison Richins

As far as nickname, I don’t really have one, I just hate being called mike or mikey!
I started at MOC the beginning of July, 2013.
My favorite WOD would have to be Annie. Short, sweet, and fun. Great way to get a PR!
Kelly is by far the worst WOD for me, I’ve never ever wanted to quit during a WOD until her.
I joined MOC because me and my husband wanted to get in better shape after doing the Spartan Beast. I’ve stayed at MOC because of the people, the trainers, and the programming. There my second family!
Crossfit has most improved my life by making me a better athlete, overall more healthy, and conscious of what I eat. When you work your ass off the last thing you want to do is go home and eat twinkies!
If I had to make any coach do 100 burpees it would be.. Coats or Sal! I know those two love them the most;)

G-From her very first wod I knew Mikkol was built for CF.  Form, Range of motion and Technique are Mikkols strengths.  Mikkol is a great athlete and a joy to have at MOC.





 Ryan R.

Start date at MOC- Whatever the first day you opened was

Favorite WOD (time?): I don’t know if this is considered a WOD but I would say doing the crossfit total is my favorite PR 810

Least favorite WOD: Annie double unders and situps in one workout

Favorite movement: Dead lift followed closely by back squat

Least favorite: Double unders Duh

Why MOC- Mostly because of the trainers, most seem like they honestly care about my success. I also love that’s its on the Park Way

How has CF improved/changed your life: Before CF I weighed 260 lbs, could barely run around the block or do 10 pushups. My lack of physical fitness was mostly affecting my ability to do what I really love which is to be in  and do anything in the mountains. Since starting, and for the first time in my life sticking to being physically active I feel like there is not mountain to high.

f you could make any coach do 100 Burpees who would it be…?- Tasha for sure but only if I could be there to cheer her on like she has done for me to many times.




Stephanie B.

Start Date at MOC: About the middle of May in 2013

Favorite WoD: Annie, pr time – 7:16 (and dropping. lol)

Least Favorite WoD: Ones with snatches and Over Head Squats

Favorite Movement: Double Unders

Least Favorite Movement: Squat Snatches

Why MOC: Love the people and the energy that everyone brings. It’s the best box that I’ve visited, and the place where I’ve gotten the best workout.

How CrossFit Improved and Changed My Life:  It has made me more aware of what I eat and more aware of my over all physical health. It has helped me improve my strength, cardio, and total endurance. I feel more healthy and fit since I started CF, and I have found a sport and lifestyle that I love and will continue to live.

Which Coach Would I Have do 100 Burpees: None. Because that is such a huge punishment, and I happen to like all of the coaches to much to single out one over the other for something like that.