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DustinCrossFit Certified Coach

Growing up in the Midwest my family had a strong wrestling background; I lived on the mats from diapers until about eighteen when I made the choice to get some life experiences and join the military, I was sick of school and wanted to see the world. After a few years in the service and following the bodybuilder routine of mirrors and calf raises, I felt bored and knew that I was lacking any real health or performance benefits from my current routine, so I began to search for something more.

That was the story of my life for the next ten years; I played for a Rugby club in Florida, started amateur boxing and kickboxing in NY, and then began dabbling in submission grabbling and MMA in Colorado and even had a few professional fights. I was having fun, but as I was getting older I wasn’t sure about the feeling of loosing brain cells after every great workout, so I was always looking for the next thing.

That’s when Crossfit got me.  I began attending a local box and knew I was in great shape and would be at the top of the leaderboard. Well, the first class I got completely thrashed by a local Dentist, who was I’m pretty sure almost forty, I was twenty-seven. I couldn’t believe how amazing everyone was, and for the record Matt the dentist, still beats me most days when I’m lucky enough to work out with him.

What I had found in Crossfit that I was not expecting, was the community of great people around me. Every ones fitness levels, ages, and backgrounds were different but we all were progressing together as a team to get better, and we weren’t afraid to work hard for it. The more educated about Crossfit I became the more I realize that this was going to be a lifelong endeavor for my family and me.

If I’m not at the box you’ll find me outside living life, enjoying the outdoors, or just enjoying time with friends and family. I have also been know to spend time in the garage doing manly things like working on project vehicles or metal creations, just check out our new bathroom stalls if you don’t believe me. LOL

I also take great responsibility in knowing all of my athlete’s wants, needs, and goals. The feeling I get from being a part of the progression, a client makes through mental and physical barriers is why I coach.


CrossFit Level I

American Council on Exercise Peer Fit/Personal Trainer

National Registered EMT-B

Associates of Science Weber State University

Bachelors of Science Utah Valley University

TashaCrossFit Certified Coach
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SaleCrossFit Certified Coach

Before Crossfit, football was my passion.  I played at Snow College and Utah State.  I knew that football would be a part of my life forever.  After graduating from Weber State, I still stayed heavily involved with football via youth football camps and coaching youth recreational teams.  I tried to find anyway to participate in the sport that I grew to love, but it just wasn’t enough.  I wanted to do something that kept me fit and active, and coaching only stimulated my mind.  I tried aerobics at my local gym, P90X, Bootcamp training etc.  These were all great forums for fitness, but I wanted more than just a platform for fitness.  I didn’t know what I wanted at the time but I knew I wanted more.  That’s when a friend suggested I work out with him at a Crossfit “box”.  I had no idea what he meant but I was down to try it.  After the workout I remember throwing up, and laying on the ground for 20 min.  I have not done anything else for 2 years.

Crossfit and I have a love-hate relationship.  I have spent the last two years getting my face melted every time I walked into our box.  Crossfit has given me a sore body, bruised and skinned shins, black and blue collar bones and super callused hands but I would not change a thing.  Crossfit has improved my life in so many ways.  It has given me a forum to challenge myself mentally and physically every day.  The friendships that I have formed were created in an atmosphere of teamwork, comradery and competition.  The only other time I have experienced this type of environment is during my time as a college athlete playing football.  The mental and physical demands of Crossfit supersede those of my playing days.  Some people say that Crossfit is not for everyone, but I truly believe it is.  You don’t have to be “in shape” or a current/former college or professional athlete.  The only thing you need is an internal desire to become better!  My wife, two kids and I will be forever be involved with this thing called Crossfit!

Salevalasi Fonotisatele

WSU Graduate

Technical Sales/Communications

CoatsCrossFit Certified Coach

My childhood was like most military brats, every year in a half or so a new place being the new. My parents kept my sanity by putting me on a team of whatever sport was in session at that time. I developed this hunger for competition. I played every sport until I reached Jr High. That’s when I decided to specialize in Basketball, and Football.  I played on comp basketball teams traveling the country playing in tournaments. We were good enough to be invited but never good enough to win it all.

When I got to High School I was your typical jock, I found my place on the football field. The one thing that really bothered me was the lack of attention that was put on training to get better. Don’t get me wrong the coaches that I had were like father figures to me even till this day. They always told me to get into the weight room and workout but it wasn’t anything exciting. Just your regular bench, squat, and curls for the girls. So I did enough to look right but nothing more. I had a very successful high school career, two state championships, 5A player of the year as a junior, State player of the year my senior year, Gatorade player of the year for the state. Heavily recruited by colleges, I decided to be the big fish in a small pond by staying in state to play at BYU. There working out was mandatory and our strength coach decided to make me his special project. I still wanted to be the biggest, strongest, and the fastest but I still didn’t like working out. College football went well; I received All America honors as a red shirt freshman. I finished out my college playing years with beating Utah, and destroying Oregon at the Las Vegas Bowl.

From there I was invited to the NFL Combine to show off for the coaches. I was picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals as a free agent. I played there for three and a half years and was cut. I was picked up by the Denver Broncos shortly after and played the rest of the year with them. After that season there was a lockout and I was released at the end of that. I was then picked up by the New York Giants, and played the pre-season with them. I was released right before the regular season and spent the rest of the year trying out for other teams. I finally decided to retire officially in 2012.

While I was training I was a gold’s gym person doing what I knew. I kept finding it harder and harder to get to the gym. There was no excitement, no one to compete with. Some neighbors of mine knew that I was looking for a new way to work out, and introduced me to the world of crossfit. I remember walking into my first work out. It was an AMRAP of cleans and 400 meter sprints. I was working out with these three ladies, that at the time I felt like I was in much better shape than.  The workout started and to my surprise we were rep for rep. After the third minute I died and these ladies proceeded to lap me. I was shocked that they were in such phenomenal shape and I supposing to be this big bad NFL player couldn’t keep up. I came back the next day determined to beat everyone. Then it clicked to me, I had a chance to compete with everyone in the gym while pushing myself as far as I could go and them pushing themselves to do the same thing. From that day I was hooked. This wasn’t a place to see who could come in the best work out outfit or who could intimidate the other. It was a place that you could go and push yourself to your limits, and compete against people who were doing the same and at the end of the day you all can celebrate while lying dead on the floor. You won’t find a better support system in the world.

SantiagoCrossFit Certified Coach

I have always been very active. I went to the gym and lifted weights with a bodybuilding mentality and soon became bored with this. Lifting weights makes you look good, but it did not have the extra functionality that I needed for the military. I started to work out with the Modern Army Combative Program Instructors (MACP) and it became a better fit.

One day while working out with the MACP Instructors we started talking about how the Army is going to try and adopt the CrossFit program and integrate it into the Army’s physical training program. After hearing this I began to look up CrossFit to see what it was all about.

After reviewing the information that I found I had to try it. Unfortunately in the small city of Tomah, WI the CrossFit craze had not hit yet. Once I moved to Utah I found a gym and was instantly hooked. I implemented the Zone Diet and WOD’s into my schedule and did not look back. I saw amazing results within the first few months. I went from 210 pounds to 195 pounds and dropped from 23% body fat to around 18%.

CrossFit has become a big part of my life and I want to share the camaraderie with all who come to the gym and help them achieve results like myself or better. This is why I became a trainer.

Santiago Ares
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