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Nutritional Challenge

AM vs PM

Monday January 13 – Friday February 21

AM Coaches – Tasha, Sale, Coats, Rachael, Nelson

PM Coaches – Ben, Gerald, Iz, Dean, Hans, Sleepy


Time Frame

Monday January 13 – Friday, February 21 (6 weeks)

BBQ/get together at the gym Saturday, February 22 to announce the winning group

How does this work

Weigh ins every weeks

Weekly challenges – losers donate $1 to pot

Coaches Challenges – done with each team

No food tracking necessary

No point system

Team based (AM vs. PM)

There will be a winning team (most BF% lost through all 6 weeks)

There will be a winner from each team (top BF% lost through all 6 weeks)

Sign up sheet

Will be on the white board starting Monday, January 6th and divided into AM and PM.  This will allow each group to get excited about the in house competition.

Official Weigh In

• Will be Friday January 10th at 6:30pm

• Tasha will go over rules

Coaches will meet with their AM or PM groups to do 1st and official weigh in, explain how to use the scale, how to use the BF% tester, collect $, write athletes stats in the spread sheet and take head shots of each person (Tasha will put together a collage of each group for later use)

Coaches will also tell group of their first challenge for week 1 (i.e. 5000m total row for week 1, eat an additional 3 cups of broccoli for the week, etc).


$10.00 per person

$1.00 per person per week a lose occurs

How to track athlete/groups body stats

I will create a spreadsheet for each group to use.

These will be kept in a main “nutritional challenge” binder by the scale and body fat tester by the cubbies

How often do weigh ins occur and how

Weigh ins will happen on Fridays or Saturday each week for 6 weeks

Results will be posted Monday morning

Each athlete will weigh and BF% test themselves on one of these two days

Honor System will apply here – I don’t have enough time to do this myself every week and neither do the coaches.

If an athlete does not weigh in they will get a zero and it will count against their weekly weigh in for the group. No exceptions!

Will they follow a nutritional plan?

No – I would like the coaches to provide everyone with nutritional information during the group meeting then they can decide individually.

How do we make the weigh-ins fair?

Take the top 10 people (depending on how many compete) in each group and compare BF % stats from there.

Winning team will have the most BF% lost for that week

How do weekly challenges work?

Each week we will weigh in – each loosing team member will donate an additional $1 to the pot

Each week I will have a AMRAP that creates a competition between the teams – each loosing team member will donate $1 to the pot

Coaches will also establish a weekly challenge within their team for them to do (i.e row 5000m each that week, do two 2 a days etc)

How are winners selected?

Top BF% lost from each team

How is the pot divided among the winners?

A percentage of the money will be split with top BF% winners and top team

What do I expect from the coaches (team leaders)?

Full support to each member of their team

Provide nutritional advise

Create good weekly challenges that will aid in their BF% loss in increased athletic capacity

To be involved – if you don’t want to do this tell me now so I know

Create a good competitive, fun environment for each team

Participate in your team challenges and follow your own nutritional advise – it is hard to follow someone when they are not leading by example.